Renew your StartSSL Client Certificate

StartSSL is this awesome Certificate Authority that issues class 1 certificates at no cost to you. In order for you to authenticate yourself and use the service to issue SSL/TLS certificates for your web sites, StartSSL will issue to you an S/MIME client certificate that you will have to use to login to their control panel.

Today I got a message that my current client certificate is about to expire. The renewal process is not immediatelly obvious by looking at their site or FAQ. The process is actually quite simple so I'm documenting it here for my own future use.

Assuming your current client certificate has not already expired, follow there steps to renew it:

  1. Login with the current client certificate.
  2. On the Control Panel, go to Validations Wizard.
  3. Request an Email Validation for the address you want the new client certificate associated with.
  4. Get the code from your inbox and validate the email.
  5. Then go to Certificates Wizard from the Control Panel.
  6. Request a S/MIME and Authentication Certificate.
  7. Answer all the prompts.
  8. Install it on the browser.
  9. Export and save a copy in a safe place.

That's it! Hope this helps...


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