Kernel fails to load after Catalyst update

Today I did a system update on my Arch Linux installation with the command yaourt -Syua and after that the Kernel refused to boot with an error message similar to the following in journalctl -b:

kernel: RIP firegl trace+0x61/0x1e0

There is a know problem with the proprietary catalyst drivers not supporting linux kernels >= 4.2. So to fix this issue you have to configure the bootloader to use a different kernel, such as linux-lts. Install linux-lts package and then reinstall the catalyst* packages from the Vi0L0 AUR repos and then re-configure GRUB with grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg.

I had to boot and mount everything using the Arch live install system then chroot and reinstall the catalyst packages with the LTS kernel to fix the issue.

When rebooting make sure to pick the LTS kernel from the GRUB menu.

Vi0L0 himself has crated a bug for this at the Unofficial AMD Bugzilla, but a fix may take a long time if past behavior is any indication of current outcome.


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