New Toys

Today there were two packages in the mail for me: A XO Laptop from One Laptop per Child and a Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite 2. Those are my new toys.


HHKB Lite 2

Back in November I paid $400 for the XO during the period when the OLPC was sending you a laptop if you donated the other one to a child in a third world country. Mine arrived today as the OLPC where having some supply problems. Technically, the XO is for my children, but since the twins are at age three now, I will experiment with it on my own also.

The new OLPC XO

XO Laptop

The purpose of the HHKB is to help me become a better, more efficient typist. I am writing this note with it and so far I like the way it feels, but it is a little weird due to different key positions. We will see how this goes.


Perfect Match


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