My Home Office Setup

I've been reading some of Jeff Atwood's entries about ergonomics and work area setup and I started to think about my own setup in the home office. And I figured out that I really use a lot of desk real state.

For years I've been using a metal tanker desk and it has served me so well that I will never part with it provided that I have the space to keep it and the strength to haul it around. The tanker desk does have a lot of storage space in all its drawers, but it lacks severely on the surface area property.

Tanker Desk

Tanker Desk (12.5 feet squared)

What I need most in my work space is the surface area because I am constantly reviewing and reading technical articles that I printed or I have a pile of books that I am using for reference. I need the room to spread out. At work I have a corner desk which gives me a lot of space to spread out, so I did a little research on that and I found that one of the best corner desks out there today is the IKEA Galant model.

New IKEA Gallant Desk

IKEA Galant Desk (25.7 feet squared)

The new desk definitely gives me the surface area I need (an extra 13.2 feet squared), but I also like it for the elbow support. My elbows are not hanging off the edge anymore. I also got me a drawer unit to go with it just to keep the most immediate office supplies that I need. In the end, my personal philosophy about ergonomics is: If it feels comfortable, do it. Like Jeff, I've been blessed that I haven't experienced any stress injuries to date.


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