Install Brother HL-2270DW printer on Debian Jessie

I have a Brother HL-2270DW laser printer. Here's how to install support for it in Debian Jessie linux.

Install CUPS

First you need to install CUPS, the Common Unix Printing System, with the following command:

sudo apt-get install cups

Next make sure that the CUPS service is up and running:

systemctl status cups

Install the printer drivers

You will next need to get the Brother printer drivers from their website. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Downloads
  3. Search for HL-2270DW (my current printer)
  4. Select Linux for OS Family
  5. Select Linux (deb) for OS Version
  6. Click on Driver Install Tool for Printer Driver
  7. Agree to the EULA and Download
  8. Save it to a folder on your HDD and remember it
  9. Open a terminal window and go to the folder where you saved the printer driver
  10. Decompress the archive with

    gunzip linux-brprinter-installer-*.*.*-*.gz
  11. Become root by running the following command

    sudo -s
  12. Install the printer driver with the following command

    bash linux-brprinter-installer-*.*.*-*
  13. For Input model name enter HL-2270DW

  14. For You are going to install following packages. OK? enter y
  15. For Brother License Agreement Do you agree? [Y/n] enter y
  16. For GPL Do you agree? [Y/n] enter y
  17. Download of deb package and installation will start.
  18. for Will you specify the Device URI? answer n
  19. for Test Print? answer n
  20. Hit Enter/Return key.
  21. You are done with the Driver installation

Configure CUPS to use the printer

The final step of this process is to configure CUPS to use the new printer. Follow these steps:

  1. Open a web browser to http://localhost:631/
  2. Click the Administration tab then click the Add Printer button.
  3. Select IPP from the list.
  4. In the Connection field, type

  5. In the next form, give the printer a unique name (no spaces and the name be must unique from any identical printers), and select Brother from the printer make field.

  6. Select Brother HL2270DW for CUPS (en) from the list of drivers
  7. Configure the default options on the next page to your liking
  8. Set Duplex to DuplexNoTumble for double-side printing
  9. Set TonerSave to on to enable toner saving

That's it. Enjoy your new printer.


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