How to migrate a git repository from GitHub to Gitorious

The other day I had to move a git repository from GitHub to Gitorious and after cracking my head against the wall about this problem for a little while, I think I came up with a pretty elegant solution.

Here are some of the assumptions we are making in this turtorial:

  1. You already have a GitHub and a Gitorious account
  2. You have an existing GitHub repo that you want to move
  3. We will use this repo as the example

Now follow these steps:

  1. Login to Gitorious and create a new Project with a Repo
  2. Find a location on your local system and create a new folder called XmlTidy. I usually do this at ~/Projects
  3. Drop into your new folder and initialize a new git repo in it
  4. Add a remote reference to your GitHub repository called origin
  5. Pull all code from the master branch in origin
  6. Add a remote reference to your Gitorious repository called destination
  7. Push your local master branch to the destination remote repo

Here's the complete code listing for the above narrative:

mkdir ~/Projects/XmlTidy
cd ~/Projects/XmlTidy
git init .
git remote add origin
git pull origin master
git remote add destination
git push destination master

That's it... You're done!


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