Emacs Utility For Overloading The NSA Line Eater

How about this for prescient tin foil hat geekery... While reading the Emacs Elisp source for version 24.3, I stumbled upon a little gem located at ./lisp/play/spook.el.

This file has a created date of May, 1987. Emacs has included this program for many years. Its purpose is to add a series of keywords to email just before sending it. On the theory that the NSA monitors people's email, the keywords would be picked up by NSA's snoop computers, causing them to waste time reading your meeting schedule notices or other email boring to everyone but you and the recipient.

You should try it: open Emacs and type M-x spook to see what happens.

From the commentary on the file itself:

Just before sending mail, do M-x spook. A number of phrases will be inserted into your buffer, to help give your message that extra bit of attractiveness for automated keyword scanners. Help defeat the NSA trunk trawler!


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