Delicious to Blogger Python Script

Readers of this blog (that means my wife and my mom) will notice that there is a new post with a weird title right before this one (in chronological order). What's going on with that?

On a weekly basis I save several links to my Delicious account and I consider that to be a pretty good representation of what is going on in mind at the time. The only problem is that sometimes I link to something and then it gets lost in the black hole that Delicious can sometimes be. There are situations when I saved a link and didn't go back to look for it until a year later.

So I thought that I wanted to group these links together and bring them up front and center in my radar. I just want to have a little better visibility into what I am thinking at the time. This is a task that can be easily automated and I wrote a script in Python to do that for me. You can look at the code here.

Basically, the script looks at the links posted to Delicious since a certain date, downloads the information about those links and creates a blog post for my Blogger account based on the Delicious links.


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